Thursday, 23 September 2021

Play Hat

 This not a play hat but a hat from a play, was used for a production of the King and I

Homemade from a cardboard tube, covered in shiny fabric and sequins. 

Held on to the head with an elastic chin strap since the diameter is too small for and adult.

Came as part of job lot of hats but I think this is one only suitable for the bin, not worth saving for anything.

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Black Fedora

This hat today will be a Fedora.

There are way too many definitions of what Trilby or Fedora should be often conflicting with each other to do with brim size, brim flatness, pointiness, even smartness, I just get confused everyone has a different opinion and most hats end up sitting somewhere between the two even then.

Is this a wide brim making it fedora, the brim is rolled so maybe a trilby, it's not pointy at the front so more fedora, probably on balance a fedora.

This hat was gifted to me and has not been worn much yet.

However a good and comfortable fit.

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Ninja Hood

 I call this a Ninja hood, but not sure what it really is or where it came from, I think it's actually a Halloween horror mask.

The hood has a mesh net sewn in over the face and the rim around the mesh put the rest of your face in shadow.

Which is easy to see out of but hides the identity of the face behind it.

Not only that the black hood with the mesh darkening your face make you invisible in the dark when combined with other black clothing.

So ideal for raiding an oriental castle on a moonless night.

Wednesday, 1 September 2021


 This is a third wig, third hat, third headband.

I suppose for the balding gentleman its the ideal hat for imitating an 80s tennis player.

Pointed out to me by a work colleague I just had to have one and they come in several colours so you can match your hair colour, this colour turned out to be a good match.

I think this hat makes me look several days younger and intend to wear it to embarrass myself whenever I can.

Even the cat is not impressed.

Described as wig hat, they come nice and cheap all the way from China

Saturday, 28 August 2021

Börk hat

Börk is a type of Turkish man's cap or headdress

Shaped similar to a beanie hat or acorn hat it's usually made of several sections sewn together

Traditionally made of animal hide, leather fur

Börk was traditionally worn by Turkmen tribes living in Iran and Anatolia, Seljuk, and also Ottoman armies.

The hat was advertised as Ottoman Turkish Kayi Bork Authentic Hat Dirillis Ertugrul othamn Fur Alp cap

Saturday, 21 August 2021

Hood with Buckles

There seems a theme with fantasy hoods to have them open at the front when they should just be items that pull over your head.

This can only be for aesthetics, it gives the maker a place to add extra decoration and make it a more desirable item. In this case 2 buckles.

Saturday, 14 August 2021

Less Distressed Cap

This baseball cap is a lot less distressed than the last one

This hat was sprayed with carpet glue and then rolled around in anything that might stick to it.

Looking at it now, it needs a lot more work, it still looks like a new hat that's got a bit mucky

White spray paint to seams and edges places that might wear and fade and then some sanding I think.

Saturday, 7 August 2021

Distressed Baseball Cap

 This is basic blue baseball cap purchased for £3 pounds 

I then distressed to make it look well used for a post-apocalypse environment

Now there are lots of online videos teaching you how to distress items, from dragging behind cars to burying in the mud for 6 months.

But the easiest and quickest way is a mixture of spray paint and coarse sandpaper.

and then just rub in the dirt, possible while the paint is still wet.