Sunday, 23 July 2017

Crash Helmet

Crash helmets or motorcycle helmets are designed to protect the users from head injury.

Wearing a helmet when riding a motorbike is mandatory in the UK and they have to be designed to comply with safety and build standards.

Since the introduction of helmets, they have reduced head injury by nearly 70% and death by over 40% they have even believed to have reduced spinal damage.

Helmets can vary in design from open face pudding basin shape to full all round enclosed helmet with a visor like this one. 
This helmet also includes vents and a drop down internal sun visor.

I don't own or ride a motor bike I purchased these helmets for part of a set of sci-fi space suits costumes as below.

Interesting fact (maybe) wearing a white helmet reduces your chance of road accident by 25% compared to a black helmet, is that because those with white helmets are the more sensible road user or because they can be seen easier?

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Nefertiti Hat

This home made hat is based on the Nefertiti hat/crown

Nefertiti was a Queen of Egypt from 1370 BC to 1330 BC

This hat was made as a lrp prop and not historically accurate in any shape or form, plus its made of cardboard and felt.

To make this hat I made a basic paper pattern by trial and error and then transferred it to some thicker card.

Lots of glue and staples later I got the basic shape.

Which I then covered in felt and gold leather look fabric.

before finally glueing on some gem cake decorations.

Below in use 

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Egyptian Kerchief

Egyptian Kerchief head covering is based on an actual remains recovered from tombs

The fabric has one straight edge about 60 cm long and rounded off back edge measuring 45 cm front to back and then the tape is about 80mm long. I made 10 of these for a lrp event in an afternoon from scraps of fabric.

Having made these I think the front to back measurement should be increased perhaps to 50cm

The fabric is wrapped around the forehead, tied at the back of the head and then draped over.

And provides a nice simple head covering which protects the back of the head from the sun.

 Images from an event, with the kerchief I made from off white cotton

Monday, 3 July 2017


The Nemes is the striped head cloth worn by pharaohs and nobility in ancient Egypt.

Most famously seen on King Tutankhamun burial mask 

The Nemes extension to the typical Egyptian headcloth or kerchief worn by many ancient Egyptians it covers the whole crown shoulders and drapes down past the the neck. Each side are 2 large flats which should hang down behind the ears past both shoulders on to the chest.

.All the images I've seen also show striped fabric.

.Like this one they also can include a decorated crown. 

Purchased from lrp market selling second kit