Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Buddhist Ceremonial Hat

This is a Buddhist Lama Monk Ceremonial Hat which is worn by Lama or Monks during Buddhist ceremonies or other ritual celebration.

 It is made from brocade material over board. Its inner surface has got cotton lining.

You can see images of Dalai Lama wearing a very similar hat.

In this image the top is pointing forward but works equally well pointing backwards

Monday, 22 May 2017

Scary Clown

This colourful Kufi hat is worn the image below with colourful dreadlocks when I played a freaky clown at a recent event.

Hats like this come in many varieties, the shape is what puts it in the pill box group, the colour and decoration is what determine other things such, decorated with sequins and embroidery would probably make it a smoking cap, made of felt might make a medieval cap, in this case the fabric colours/pattern means its a kufi hat.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Latex Skeleton Mask

There are other things you can wear on head besides hats such as hoods, wigs, crowns and one of the other things is masks

This latex mask I'm wearing is from the Ascendancy prop box

Latex masks can be half masks which leave the mouth uncovered, face masks just covering the eyes and forehead or like this one full head masks covering the whole face and head.
These full head masks are the worst to wear as they restrict breathing but the main problem is condensation from breathing and general sweat.

You get a little puddle of fluid in the chin of this mask after wearing it for half an hour.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Thracian Cap

Thracian cap. made of cow hide

The style or shape is that of phrygian cap, i.e. with a forward pointing top the crown, smurf hat style.

Thracian caps where made of skins with the fur still attached, and then the rest of leather is left to dangle down over the shoulders.

You will find the style of hat in many images of ancient Thracian warriors or Bulgarian area history.

Purchased from a reenactment fayre, although you could easily make this yourself for cost of bit leather its only got one crude seam.

Probably going to be used for some sort of fantasy goblin.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Village Yokel

A simple felt hat, misused and abused makes a idea hat for anyone that is not wanting a fashion statement.

Ideal for playing characters such as farmers, peasants or the village yokel.

If you want to look a little (very little) smarter turn the brim up