Thursday, 27 April 2017

Novelty Witches

Novelty Witches Hat probably for a Halloween costume

Made of velvet its works in a way, but does not mirror any reality.

The original owner of the hat donated it after wearing once for lrp event where she played the part of witch, see photos below.

The witches hat itself while not historical true does have its roots in history of the period witches were burnt in England. 

One theory I read is the pointed hat represents a church steeple so witches where made to wear them in last ditch effort to redeem them in the eyes of god. 
Another the hats shape is to do with mummified witches from China which were found wearing felt cones on their head.
More likely its a follow on from the wizard hat which was to do with demonising of the Jews in the medieval period.

One thing is sure most of the look is pure Hollywood from films like the Wizard of Oz.