Thursday, 27 April 2017

Novelty Witches

Novelty Witches Hat probably for a Halloween costume

Made of velvet its works in a way, but does not mirror any reality.

The original owner of the hat donated it after wearing once for lrp event where she played the part of witch, see photos below.

The witches hat itself while not historical true does have its roots in history of the period witches were burnt in England. 

One theory I read is the pointed hat represents a church steeple so witches where made to wear them in last ditch effort to redeem them in the eyes of god. 
Another the hats shape is to do with mummified witches from China which were found wearing felt cones on their head.
More likely its a follow on from the wizard hat which was to do with demonising of the Jews in the medieval period.

One thing is sure most of the look is pure Hollywood from films like the Wizard of Oz. 

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Trapper Cap

This waxed cotton trapper hat is perfect for when I go hunting for lost socks

Fur lined it helps protect me from the dusty locations hidden socks lurk waiting to jump out at you.

Being black is also excellent camouflage for the dark corners of the sock draw.

You can also wear it with ear flaps down so you cannot be distracted by other noisy clothing.

You can even wear this cap outdoors in the cold and rain.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Tall Top Hat

This tall top hat gives you extra presence.

This is near enough for me a stove pipe style top hat, perhaps to be a perfect stove pipe it needs the side of cylindrical crown more parallel and the brim flatter, but height wise its got the credentials.

Just look at images of Isambard Kingdom Brunel or Abraham Lincoln to see the difference.

Stove Pipe a sub category of top hat, also know as chimney pot hat, a very Victorian hat. 

 Like all good Victorians I need to check my steampunk containment device is still containing the fresh air that was put in it and the clock is set half past 1833.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Putting on My Top Hat

This is typical average height black wool top hat is about the most common top hat you will find.

 On this hat the brim is turned up and the crown while still the top cylinder tapers out towards the top.

Top hat can be taller or lower than this, the cylindrical crown can taper in, be straight or in the case of mad hatter style top hats taper out even more, the brim can be flat or turned up, all these are variations are top hats, some have sub type names others are just a tall top hat or low height top hat.

The black felt top hat like this one has been around since about 1900 for funeral services and still in use today.

I consider a average height top hat to be between 12 and 13 cm high.