Tuesday, 27 September 2016


The hood is black and menacing and should scare anyone into thinking about not committing a crime.

The face is hidden so if you didn't like me chopping the head off your family member you won't know who I am to get your revenge later.

I'm a professional its my job, I'm the Headsman and when I'm not chopping off heads I will turn my hand to torture or other non lethal but painful punishments.

Its the law, you broke it, your punishment was judged by others, it is my job to execute the sentence.

I also love flower arranging and puppies.

It should be said that the executioners hood is a Hollywood creation, executioners hoods in British history at least are a myth, in fact executioners were celebrities in medieval times. 

In the 19th Century executioners did wear eye mask as executions ceased to be spectacles and came to be considered as regrettable but necessary tragedies.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Theatre Turban Hat

This headdress is from a theatre production and built crudely around a cardboard fez.

Trying to mimic a Asian turban, in a way that is quick to put on, it doesn't do real turbans any justice but ideal to convey a quick costume theme.

I would like to say its over the top, but just type in images of mysori turbans to see great real turbans or rajasthani turbans if you want big and colourful.

Another find at Chows Emporium. 

I started this blog when I was much heavier and really noticed the difference in the older photos to now.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Serious Russian

This trapper style hat did start its life with a hammer and sickle badge on the front and was advertised as a Russian Army Style Winter Hat, which is what it is.

Made of fake fur which covers the outer surface, its built around a trapper style hat design with ear flaps and ties for under the chin, that are ideal for what I imagine Russian winters are like

This Russian can be fun.

Perhaps he can't ear well with flaps down.

 But is quickly serious again in to keep up his appearance.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Brown Hat

Now I'm not quite sure how to class this hat, its brim and size are typical of Homburg, but homburgs have a different crown, the crown is more pork pie style hat but pork pie hats have a much smaller brim and the crown tapers. 

Anyway its a brown felt hat.