Tuesday, 27 September 2016


The hood is black and menacing and should scare anyone into thinking about not committing a crime.

The face is hidden so if you didn't like me chopping the head off your family member you won't know who I am to get your revenge later.

I'm a professional its my job, I'm the Headsman and when I'm not chopping off heads I will turn my hand to torture or other non lethal but painful punishments.

Its the law, you broke it, your punishment was judged by others, it is my job to execute the sentence.

I also love flower arranging and puppies.

It should be said that the executioners hood is a Hollywood creation, executioners hoods in British history at least are a myth, in fact executioners were celebrities in medieval times. 

In the 19th Century executioners did wear eye mask as executions ceased to be spectacles and came to be considered as regrettable but necessary tragedies.