Thursday, 25 August 2016

Military Style Cap

This cap is what you get if search for military style caps, if differs from a baseball cap because the crown instead of being rounded skull cap shape, it is pill box shaped. 

Military in style, but not actual military hats.

They are normally found in kharki, browns, olive and other military colours, but you can also get them in anything from pink to leather depending on your taste. 

They don't tend to have logos prominent on them.

They also come under the titles Army Caps, Cadet Caps and Busker Caps

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Crusader Helm

This is Templar style helmet from the 3rd to 5th Crusades of around 1200 AD, flat topped with tapered sides, chain mail coif and nose guard but normally seen with a full face plate. 

Made by White Rose Armouries as bespoke piece, based on image in a Osprey Man at Arms series book, I think it was the Knights of Outremer, but no longer have the book to confirm that.

The image above is from Bolsover Castle and the one below from Warwick from the early 90's, during a period I did medieval style entertainment shows for the public, which skirted the edge of medieval authenticity.

I did have long hair and big beard back then.

I still have this helmet.

I even have a cartoon image created for me wearing the helment

Monday, 8 August 2016

Bird Beak

This bycocket is made of lightweight felt and not stiff so folds flat.

The word Bycocket comes from the French word bec cocquet which means birds beak or cock's beak

Monday, 1 August 2016

Cowboy Hat

This is a novelty cowboy hat picked up from a bring and buy, well used but fits the part

A basic felt hat with a pinched front, crushed crown, wide brim and leather band around the crown

Cowboy hats where not the most common hats worn in the wild west, derby or bowler hat where much more common and many hat style were worn, but as time past and the wild west became history the stetson or wide brimmed tall crown hat became the cowboy hat we think of today.