Monday, 25 July 2016


This hat was picked up for £2 from Tewkesbury apparently a BBC drama prop, crushed at the bottom of a box it needs a bit of attention to bring it back to shape.

A Kufi hat is a traditional men's hat worn people in Africa or those of African heritage living in the US, the hat has no religious significance can be worn by Christian, Muslim or those who follow The Force.

Kufi hats are usually made of kente cloth, mudcloth, or knitted/crocheted and pill boxed shaped

Monday, 18 July 2016

Mind Machine

This is the Cognizance Interception Contrivance.

Made as a prop from bits of a Cyberman mask, vacuum cleaner, cutlery drainers, door knobs, bird feeders and lots of other odds and ends

The device is designed to intercept telepathic communication between demons, however it gives you a bit of headache.

Professor Arlington Periwinkle-Smythe is shown here demonstrating its use

Powered lightning combustion tubes the unfortunate a lack of demons with telepathy resulted in no evidence of devices competency,

It does blow dry wet hair as a extra feature.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Merchant Cap

This is what I call a medieval pill box shaped merchant cap.

Many hats or caps don't have special individual names, so they are more often than not listed by the particular shape they are similar to such as pill box, skull, acorn shape no matter what style or period they are from which is fine but some need a bit more description.

 This cap was made to mimic a common medieval hat, normally of felt.

Now I like things in categories and what I can say about this hat is while similar in looks its not a smoking or leisure cap, they don't have turned up bands and are generally decorated with embroidery, sequins and tassels, so not a smoking cap. 

This hat falls into my category merchant cap, which is any hat that does not have its own type name and looks too good to be a peasant hat but not overdecorated enough to be a noble hat.

So you get medieval pill box shaped merchant cap.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Shooting Cap

This flat cap was found in old suitcase on a flea market store selling all sorts of miscellaneous bits.

Its from a tweed style fabric making it more of a county mans flat cap of the sort worn by shooting set, even the likes of Prince Charles could be seen in this style of cap.  

This cap is from quite a bright tweed and feels like I should be out in the summer sun driving an old open top sports car, or maybe golfing.  Since I don't own a sports car or a set of golf clubs I guess I will have just use it as a walking cap.

Note to self, need to wear this hat more.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Biggles Gets a Hat

The Flying Cap, Aviator Hat, or Bomber Hat is simple a leather hat, fur or felt lined with ear flaps and chin strap to keep it on in the wind, designed to protect and keep your head and ears warm when flying planes with open cockpits back in early days of flight.

These hats are very similar to trapper or hunting hat, the main difference being the ear flaps are longer and don't have ties to fasten them up.

Usually worn with goggles to protect your eyes, I have read most Boeing 747 and Airbus A320 pilots don't wear them anymore which is a shame.

James Bigglesworth is a fictional pilot from around the time of the first world war in books by W.E Johns, he did fly in stories in later wars and between wars, but his book covers regularly showed him wearing a flying cap, for that reasons you may also find this cap or hat called a Biggles Hat

Below is the story in pictures of Richard Bigglesworths James older more hansom brother

Chapter 1 : Biggles Dons His Flying Cap

Chapter 2 : Biggles Wags A Finger

Chapter 3 : Biggle Leans Backwards

Chapter 4 : Biggles Ready To Learn To Fly

Chapter 5 : Biggles Shows The Back Of His Cap