Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Crewe Steampunk Convivial

Last weekend I visited Crewe Steampunk Convivial and dressed up for the visit including a greeny brown Derby hat

Posing by traction engine

Equipped with basic goggles since when your zooming about at speeds over 5 mph on these steam monsters you could get eye damage.

Crewe Steampunk Convivial was a jolly good day out, but I missed most of the entertainment, this was the first event in Crewe of its kind I understand and perhaps needs a little more work to grow into something good, the set up was very dis-jointed, no signs, no timetables, however if they try again I will probably go again. 

This hat was found at a car boot sale.

Now I'm British so perhaps I should say I was wearing a Bowler Hat, but see my previous post here if you want to know why its a Derby.