Friday, 20 May 2016

Viking Hat

Fur trimmed wool Viking hat

Viking hats were usually made of either wool, sheepskin, leather and fur. 

Each hat is made of 4 triangular panels sewn together to form a crown, sometimes close fitting skull cap style or looser like this one. 

They were were often trimmed with fur like this one or embroidery work. 

A medieval Icelandic law prohibited removing a hat from another person, if they did they could be fined, unless the hat had a chin strap then you could have throttled the person so the victim of the attempted hat removal could lawfully kill you in retaliation. Truth or website nonsense I'm not sure but made for a interesting fact.

This fur trimmed hat was from  Bohemia Beauty Ltd however all they show on their website is their glass object, the hat was made by the owners wife as a sideline to sell a Tewkesbury Medieval Fair.