Friday, 1 April 2016

Gandalf the Green

A wizards hat made of green felt 

Tall pointed hats of this style seem to have come about in European folklore, where they were worn by witches, wizards and dwarfs. 

I've read (although evidence is thin) that this style came to be associated with witches via the demonizing of Jews that wore tall pointed hats in 14th-16th centuries 

Another idea is the hat is symbol of a cone of power, the circle and its a thus a associated with magic, somehow to me this seems just as unlikely.

What I can say is the hat became associated witches hats in images created in the Victorian era and from there its not a great leap to also associate them with wizards.

I think mainly of Gandalf when I see this hat, probably popular images and artwork associated with Tolkiens work. 

Purchase from Leonarbo Carbone trading at Tewkesbury.