Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Christmas Gifts, Hat Themed

This year I received a few hat themed gift for Christmas.

Starting with a knitted knights helmet from the Crazy Terry's complete with moveable visor.

The helmet will stop all blows to any self pride you have.

The next gift from fellow larper and friend Dom is a miniature Spanish style conquistadors Comb Marion helmet made of metal but 1/3rd scale.

I did try to balance it on top of my head but the photo came out blurred.

Not least but a proper hat that will used, is the one below, I best describe this as a cavaliers hat although perhaps a wider brim is order, decorated by Dave and Julie and presented to me by their daughter who was as excited to give it to me as I was to receive it.

Goes well with red Christmas present jumper.

Also jumping into the photo BB8

Last while digging out my Christmas wrapping a week or so ago I came across my old sallet which I thought I had sold see this post here.

A little bit rustier and the straps had rotted, I must have packed it away while damp.