Thursday, 1 October 2015

Howdy Folks

Howdy folks.

 This hat is prime example of what I call a cowboy hat, i.e. hats worn by farmers and ranch workers in the west and south of the USA. 

The style of a cowboy hat is a tall crown usually creased to flatten with wide rolling brim usually  turned up at the sides, then decorated with a band around the bottom of the crown. They are normally made of felt or straw but can like this one be made of leather.

This hat is made of sued leather, stiffened and shaped with wire in brim, its a very comfortable hat that I need to wear more often. 

This hat was made by company called Bullhide and the moto in the label "enjoy the western lifestyle" I purchased this hat at Chatworth Country Fair a few year ago.

Gotta mosey along now.