Friday, 11 September 2015

Wigs are not my thing

Wigs are not for me.

Of the few wigs I have for Larp, all are cheap fancy dress quality, so they don't fit or cover my head well, but they suit what I need.

The trouble with wigs for me is I have a ginger/grey beard, which means I need to find a colour that matches or they just look wrong. 

In these photos I've digitally altered my beard colour to match the wig, in the field a can of joke shop spray hair colour would do the same thing. 

I tried on a quality wig once and if it was the better colour I might have just been tempted to spend the hundred pounds plus.

With no knowledge you can see and feel the difference in a wig much more easily than you can in hats.

My advice on wigs is buy a Hat.