Thursday, 16 July 2015

Hooded Man

The hood is a soft covering of the head that covers all sides, even the face sometimes and goes around the neck.

They commonly form part the garments often attached to a cloak or coat, they are designed to keep your head warm and dry, they can be easily pulled back and not lost like a hat might.

 In the Picture above we have the 4 Dwarves Wappy, Cappy, Dappy and Zappy.

 Commonly made of wool, this Hood however is made some lightweight hemp like fabric, so not that warm and certainly not water resistant, its therefore more of theatre piece than a practical hood

This is a typical medieval style hood, independent of any garment, it as one button at the front which keeps it tighter around the neck and wide base covering the shoulders.

 Hoods covering the sides of the face don't make it easy to see the axe coming towards your head but the do hide the face, so ideal criminal headgear.