Sunday, 31 May 2015

Oriental Straw Hat

This oriental/asian hat is a kind of rice paddy/coolie hat, however they normally go to a point on the top, so I guess this is more like the Japanese Kasa Hat.
Made overly large, the word kasa can also mean umbrella.
Also this is not made of straw but bamboo.

This hat was purchased at Larp fair, but I've seen its twin for sale on ebay

Straw hats = Any type of hat made of straw or bamboo

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Medieval Felt Hat

This tall acorn style felt hat is of excellent quality purchased from a Medieval market in the UK and made in Poland.

A good hat to sleep in it would seem.

Its since become the hat of Merlin and where he stores his cakes. 
Yes I do keep cakes in the hat

Monday, 25 May 2015

Oops I bought a new hat

So I was walking around a charity shop looking for a old leather coat to cut up when I spotted a hat, so over the last 2 weekends of not looking for a hat we have leather coats found 0, hats found 2.

This cap is suede with a artificial fur lining. I would call it a hunting cap

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Grandee Hat Maybe

This hat style may have a name but I don't know it, the nearest equivalent I can see is Grandee or a tall Bolero hat.

Made by Fern├índez y Roche of Spain according to the label, I found it at a historical fayre TORM (the Original Re-enactors Market) in 2008, cost me £75, it is a quality hat, not a something from a fancy dress stall, used several times, this hat is well loved by me and its going to last a while.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Knitted beanie hat

This hat was a Christmas present hand made by Julie made this

This hat is possibly my most worn winter hat, its just comfortable.  This hat is very warm ideal winter wear while at the same time the lets your head breath so it does not feel sweaty. The only time it fails is in the wind which it offers no protection against, its also obviously not water proof.

Here is me wearing the hat at the Black Country Museum in Dudley

And again while walking just as the snow started.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Steampunk Top Hat

This my steampunk mad hatter top hat

Top hats can also be known as Beaver hats, High hats, Cylinder hats, Chimney Pot hats or Stove pipe hats, however I would definitely call this one a TOP hat

Its got a leathery oily feel to the fabric, size 59 which is bit big (by 1 size) for my head, lucky for me my ears keep it up well.

I think this hat will need a slightly insane character in my larp adventures to wear it.

Hard Hats = Hats stiffened in some way so they are no longer bend, this may be through steaming, pressing or adding a rigid material.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

War Bonnet

Indian (Native American) Headdress or War Bonnet bought off ebay

A ceremonial headdress to show you are one of the top bananas in your tribe

New Hat Blog

Its a while since I blogged and I decided that I should do one on all the hats I own, then I thought why not a new blog about my hats, so here I go.

I will post a picture of me in one my many hat every week, never the same hat until I run out of hats which should take me to around 2017 with the hats I have at the moment, after that who knows.

PS I will also include other head gear as well as hats.

This bowler hat purchased today from a car boot sale, made in the UK