Sunday, 17 June 2018

Time for a Pow Wow

A pow wow or powwow is a gathering of  Native Americans were they dance, sing, socialize, basically a party. in most western films they are also often portrayed as a political meeting between warring tribes or cowboys.

Headdress or war bonnets like this would be essential at any powwow as you need to look your best.

The Warbonnet is the chosen ceremonial headgear of the Plains Indian of North America, they were also worn into battle.

They are quite light and comfortable to wear they serve no practical purpose at all other than to announce your presence, which they do very well.

War bonnets are made around a buckskin skull cap and designed so the feather flare out around the head. 

The skull cap can also be decorated with beads.

Dyed horse hair mostly holds it all together and creatively provides additional decoration

Some war bonnets also included horns from buffalo.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

A Hat for a Medieval Steward

While this style of hat is mostly considered peasant wear, even a single small feather can enhance it, this cap as also been enhanced by fur trim around the headband.

Not quite posh enough for royalty, this is the short hat that could be worn by castellan, steward or wealthy merchant character.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Outrageous Hat

I had to crouch down to get all of this hat in the photograph

This outrageous hat is possibly from an opera, purchased at a second-hand stall at a lrp fair by a friend and then donated.

This hat is an example of how a bunch of feathers can give your headwear volume and height and get you noticed.

This hat looks no other, is not from a historical period, not got any practical use other than to say look at me.

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Hollywood Red Indian

This simple headband with feathers came to me when I purchased a job lot of ex-theatrical hats.

Half of the hats were useful, some really great, but the other half I gave away to the kid's school dress up box.

Feathers, eagle feathers to be accurate were awarded in some native American tribes as badges of honour, one or two might be given in the whole lifetime of a warrior, these were usually displayed headressess.

Ordinary feathers were also tied in the hair, mixed with beads around the neck and also tied around the head in bands of leathers

The coloured feathers and headband I'm wearing are probably from a fancy dress pack.