Monday, 22 January 2018


This leather shako is part of our crew kit

I have no idea if its a reproduction of genuine helmet or just something made for the theatre.

It's solidly made with a steel badge so could be a re-enactment helm, but the elastic headband and overall finish make me believe it is from a theatre production, where close up inspection does not occur.

2 years ago above

below is today after losing 5 stone

Monday, 15 January 2018

Today is National Hat Day

The national hat day celebrates the Hat

In the UK is another hat day the "Wear a Hat Day" on Thursday 29th of March in aid of brain tumour research. 

Saturday, 13 January 2018

General Plumage

This Shako hat is another theatrical hat

A Shako is a tall cylindrical military hat with a visor, the cylinder can be parallel or tapered in or out at the top.  
They are usually decorated with plumes and a plate or badge on the front of the cylinder.

The Shako was popular in the 19th Century, initially, it was a practical improvement on the military hats of the time offering a little bit of protection, but by the end of the Napoleonic wars, it became a showy parade ground hat.
In the UK a stovepipe version of the hat was first worn by military units from around 1799 but by the mid 1820's it's importance to show off the unit took over from its practicality, attempts were made in the mid-century to return it to practical use, but by 1870 it was no longer considered for actual battlefield use at all and in the UK by 1905 it was no longer worn by units for any use.

Some countries continue to use Shako for their showy military parades even today.

This hat comes from a theatrical production and is not a reproduction of an actual Shako worn by soldiers.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Beanie to Snood

One of the great uses of beanie hats is to make snoods, most of the £2 beanie hats from the supermarket are a tube of machine knitted fabric rolled over and stitched together at the top. Unpick the top or just cut the top off and you have a long tube of stretchy fabric which become an instant cheap snood.

Snoods are mainly used in lrp especially by the crew who need quick changes. They are used to hide the edges of masks and cover the neck where the mask ends saving makeup.

Cheap beanie plain colour, cheaper the better usually.

Feel for the double layer of fabric.

Unpick the top, or cut or tears if you want it quick.

This leaves a tube of fabric.

Stretch over your head

until around your neck.

Then pull up over your head, usually with you mask already on as below.
The rough unfinished edges you get from unpicking or tearing, just add to the effect.