Sunday, 20 November 2016

Witchfinder Hat

So called witch finder hats are wide brimmed, with a tall flat topped tapered crown and with a large single buckle around the base of crown at the front.

The hat gets its name from the witch finder general Mathew Hopkins who hanged over 100 people accused of Witchcraft and can be seen wearing a hat of this shape in contemporary imagery.

Historically this shape of hat is a 17th Century hat style worn during the English Civil War and would have been made of felt.

The stiff dark leather witchfinder's hats you will find nowadays come from modern imagery and films.

The proportions have all been exaggerated in the hat I'm wearing. 

This is very heavy hat, but not uncomfortable to wear, you just have to remember your a bit taller and duck or you will lose the hat to low hanging branches or beams