Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Get On Your Bike

Cycling laws in the UK do not currently require you to wear a safety helmet and as I'm not a cyclist I don't feel its my place to comment on if this is a good or bad thing, the law that is, wearing a helmet just makes sense even if it provides a small percent of protection its just got to be worth it.

I have not really cycled since my school years, however a friend took up cycling and needing to get fit I decided it might be idea to give it a go so I bought a cheap bike and helmet and then quickly decided the roads a scary dangerous place for anyone on a bike.

I suggest all car drivers try it and they will give more room in the future when passing cyclists

The cycling helmet is basically a low speed shock absorber for your brain, they are not designed for high speed impacts to protect against object hitting them like some safety helmets. 

Evidence says cycling helmets have reduced head injuries somewhere between 18%  to 50% 

Those against helmets point to helmet strangulation from the straps and the fact helmeted riders take greater risks or look more competent to other road users so give them less space. These are all claims without evidence as far as I can see.

Made usually of expanded polystyrene or dense foam and then coated in plastic,straps and a liner are then added.