Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Basotho hat

The Basotho Hat is the traditional hat of Losotho a country totally surrounded by South Africa, known as the Kindom of the Sky since its almost entirely situated 1000 feet above sea level.

The Hat is also known as the Mokorotlo and is the only hat to appear on a national flag, it appeared until 1986 and was linked to the royal heritage of the county.

Conical in shape and made of straw, its should have 5 rings at the top where the straw ends meet, the 5th centre ring as below joins the others together in a symbolic union.

The shape was possible inspired by shape of Qiloane mountain which is near the fortress of a early Losotho king, called Moshoeshoe I.

I have used this to represent oriental culture, which is totally wrong since its African not Asian, but it works well, since most people would not know much about its true background.

Below my hat being used during a event, by one of the crew.