Thursday, 14 January 2016

A Hat for a Character.

This post is not about a tricorn but about a much loved hat.

If any hat qualifies as well worn, this one does, worn over many weekends for last 15 years.

I will say this hat is extremely comfortable.

This is good quality felt tricorn and cost a £ 80 quid or more back when purchase at the end of the last century.

Its been through many fights, been trod on, crushed in the back of car, survived horrendous rainstorms, snow and regularly deals with sand and sweat, its loosing its shape a bit, the crown as lost its stiffness but survives.

The photo above is fairly current taken about 5 months ago, as you can see its not in too a bad condition, the hat not me that is.

 I think its doing so well, simply because it was quality hat to start with.

The early years of the hat it had a black band as above.

I later added a purple band and emblem as the character it belongs to costume mutated as below