Monday, 28 September 2015

You Didn't Like My Soup

Chefs Hat

I decided these photos needed bad food puns.

The last person who complained about my food food got grilled before he pasta away suddenly.

I have may have shellfish attitude but I'm not eggotistic.

What's the fly doing in your soup, the back stroke.

Anyway about the Hat.

The chefs hat, tall boy hat, white catering hat, is made to the same design as the artist hat a basic fabric hat, all white to show cleanliness. 

Can be worn tall or swept to the back or sides

Apparently more pleats = more senior the chef, or did when Chefs were invented back in the days before I was born.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Velvet Riding Hat

I own this Helmet after spending about year having riding lesson in the vain hope of becoming a Jouster.

Before I got anywhere near even a basic rider  I fell off a horse straight on to rigid fence at a canter, ambulanced to the hospital no fractures to my ribs where found but it was 6 months before I could lie on that side of body and I never went back to riding apart from the odd pony trek while on holiday.
I think good riders start young, and own their own horse and stables or train full time such as for the Queens life guards.

This is certified riding helmet velvet covered in the equestrian style, although modern helmets are much more practical, this one is now 25 year old.

This style of this riding helmet is called a Hunt Cap.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Medieval Baseball Cap

Another Robin hood hat, this one has a turned up edge only around half the hat, this seem to have made the point of the hat less stable.

The medieval equivalent of baseball cap, it can also be worn with the peak of the brim pointing backwards as below. 

Their is also evidence for this is illustrations from period, I suppose it stopped rain dripping down your neck.

So when your down with the hood wear you bycocket backwards, yo power to the merry men.

Do you feel my excitement in this photo, perhaps I was smiling on the inside.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Wigs are not my thing

Wigs are not for me.

Of the few wigs I have for Larp, all are cheap fancy dress quality, so they don't fit or cover my head well, but they suit what I need.

The trouble with wigs for me is I have a ginger/grey beard, which means I need to find a colour that matches or they just look wrong. 

In these photos I've digitally altered my beard colour to match the wig, in the field a can of joke shop spray hair colour would do the same thing. 

I tried on a quality wig once and if it was the better colour I might have just been tempted to spend the hundred pounds plus.

With no knowledge you can see and feel the difference in a wig much more easily than you can in hats.

My advice on wigs is buy a Hat.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

My Yodelling Hat

Tyrolean Hat is a hat worn in the Alps of Austria, Italy, Switzerland etc. Also known as a Alpine Hat or Bavarian Hat

For that reason I'm Yodelling in the photo below.

The Tyrolean is almost always green, made of felt, small brim and decorated with a ring of cord and a spray feathers or flowers.

This hat was a gift from Dan a friend in my Larp group.

For some reason this hat inspired a clock maker persona.

PS I don't own any leather breeches (lederhosen) to go with this hat and create the full traditional costume look.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


The medieval sallet was the helmet of choice for 15th Century medieval soldiers, some had visors, some where worn with beavers which protected the neck and chin.

Worn by me in period of about 5 or 6 years when I was part of the Buckinhams Retinue a soldier in the Duke of Stafford's household.

 My sallet was not a good example but it served a purpose, you can find much better quality elsewhere. 

I should also note I no longer own this helmet it was sold on to another keen reinactor.