Saturday, 11 July 2015

This Hat is Worn a Great Deal

This is probably the hat I've worn the most.

It looks like a basic felt fedora but not made to a traditional style instead it has made to a practical design. 
A mixture of cotton and felt with a wide elasticated band inside which grips the head very softly and stops the wind whipping it away. Its ventilated like a bush hat, water resistant and the elasticated band is also covered in a absorbent material to help sweaty heads

I purchased this hat somewhere near Tintagel while on holiday in Cornwall sometime in the late 80's, made by Kangol, its looking a bit tired now, but seen years of use.

It still kept on my the coat stand by the front door and grabbed whenever the weather is sunny and I don't need to be too smart.

 Its also visited the Tardis.